Frequently Asked Question(s) Page

Here we have compiled some of the most common question's from our users. Please feel free to browse through the list to find answer to your question.

I have just downloaded the software ( Now what?
Answer: Unzip the file you've just downloaded using WinZip or any software that can decompress a zip file (Hint: WinXP comes with a built-in unzipping tool you can use it instead) to any folder you like and run the program `setup.msi`. Don't forget to read the READ_ME_FIRST.txt file for you to know the username and the password to use when logging on to the system for the first time.

I can't run the program named setup.msi. What could be wrong?
Answer: If you don't have MSOffice2000 or (later version) installed in your computer then most possibly Microsoft Windows Installer component is absent in your system. Don't worry I have included the runtime files for this to work. You can get it here if your operating system is Windows 2000 Service Pack 3; Windows 2000 Service Pack 4; Windows Server 2003; Windows XP; Windows XP Service Pack 1; Windows XP Service Pack 2. Another option is to Google for the following keywords windows installer

What is the username and password when logging in to the system? Why can't you just post it here?
Answer: Sometimes it is a lot harder explaining to a much older and responsible person, the benefits of keeping your password to yourself, than to a first grader. TIP: It is by all means a security procedure that everyone of us must practice to survive in this 20th century digital world. I hope I made my point and please read the READ_ME_FIRST.txt file that comes with the zip file.

Where can I get additional information in using the software?
Answer: Just in case you don't notice, we have provided a tutorial and the basics of installing the software from our Download page.

I have made attempts (3 times) to inquire about your product using the form in your site. But it seems like it's not getting through to you and I'm not getting any response.
Answer: First of all, when I answer inquiries using e-mail as a courtesy, I'd usually greet them addressing their purported `real name` as what they write on the inquiry form in my site. And a lot of these inquiries (60%) contain bogus names or using different names but the same computer IP's and country of origin or using different email addreses which is very hard for me to keep track. Therefore, to (somewhat) avoid this I'd usually and deliberately ignore and ban people using unreadable and pointless name and flagging it in our system as spammers and nuisance.

Can the software run on Windows Vista?
Answer: Frankly, I have not tested it on Windows Vista and probably never will until a much stable version of windows that will replace Vista comes out. But that's just my personal view of the matter. If you can just try to install the free version of Dental Express on Vista, of which I'm pretty sure (80%) it'll work, then by all means God and not Microsoft must have been very good to me.:)

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